• Karma Charcoal Masks

    Stop feeling ugly. Get Karma's charcoal mask and feel amazing today.

Charcoal Masks by Karma

The secret to brand new skin

Rejuvenate your skin today with activated charcoal masks from Karma. Blackheads, dirty pores, and dirty skin, are tough to clean and eliminate. Now there's Karma Charcoal. It's the newest, and best way, to clean your pores and get rid of excess oils and blackheads. All you have to do is apply the Karma Charcoal to your face, let it dry, and then peel. You'll be shocked at how effective it is, and the amazing results you get. Karma Charcoal removes blackheads, peach fuzz, and excess oil. It gives you a super soft skin complex. The secret behind our product is the unique formulation.